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  • Go with the customer or on their behalf to visit accommodations. Make sure to take pictures, record a video or to have a video call with the customer during the visit. You decide the area in your city that you can cover for the home visiting, and the pric

  • Guide the customer online to find the perfect school for their kids and provide support through the enrolment process.

  • Guide the customer in person to find the perfect school for their kids, visit schools with them and provide support through the enrolment process.

  • Assist during the first 60 days from customer arrival date, between 9am and 9pm with any queries that the customer might have about the city.  

  • Find a trusted home cleaning service with the availability and price that meets the customer’s request and arrange the first meeting.

  • Find after school activities for your customer kids such as sports, art, hobbies, music and school tutors.

  • Meet for about 2 hours with the customer in a nice cafeteria, bar, or combine it with a walk, to review the relocation status and share some tips about the city: transportation system, groceries, best restaurants, things locals do, useful mobile apps, etc

Organize Skype call

We would like to organize a Skype call to explain the project, address any questions you may have and help you to set the prices of your services.

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