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We believe local knowledge is a key element of our itineraries, so please select the region/city or the entire country if it is a small one, where you are living (examples: North of Italy, Barcelona and Catalonia, West Coast in US, Costa Rica, Montenegro...)

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(Optional) Please indicate which additional services would you like to offer on the top of the Itinerary Planning service?
  • Meet on the arrival day for about 1 hour with the customer in a nice cafeteria, bar, or combine it with a walk, to review the itinerary plan before starting the trip. The meeting takes place in the city where you are living.

  • Assist during the customer’s trip based on the requested days, between 9am and 9pm, any queries that the customer might have. You decide what is the price per day you want to charge.

Organize Skype call

We would like to organize a Skype call to explain the project, address any questions you may have and help you to set the prices of your services.

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