It is a portal that promotes a more personal, affordable and worry-free way to move to a new city.
We connect people moving to a new city with locals who can be their support on the ground. Our Relocation Buddies help in the house hunting, understanding bureaucratic requirements, solving language barriers among others.

If you are an expert on your city and how to settle-in easily, you are very organized and responsable, you can apply to become a Buddy!

No. Delivering Support, Home visiting and Message assistance services are perfectly legal, as long as you're paying the correct corresponding country taxes.

There are three steps you need to follow:

1. Apply on the website. Click on ‘Become a Buddy’ in the top-right corner. Follow the process and fill in the required information.

2. Meet TailorGo team. You will be contacted within 48 hours to schedule a video call, where we will review your application, explain our project and values, address any questions you may have and help you to set the right prices for your services.

3. Complete your profile. Click on ‘Sign in’ in the top-right corner of our website with the provided credentials. Now you can add more about yourself, your destination, upload some photos and set the price for your service.

All set! Now Travelers can book your Relocation Buddy services.

Because not everyone has the same needs, our Relocation services start with a Basic Online Pack that can be enhanced with some additional services.

Basic Online Pack: get help with all of the 4 services below at a fixed priced
• Finding you a home: help to choose the neighbourhood, accommodation, search and schedule house viewings
• Opening a bank account: help to choose right bank and guide through the required paperwork
• Essential local paperwork: comprehensive overview of local processes and requirement
• Phone and Internet plan: help to choose the mobile and internet plan and guide through the required paperwork

Additional services: get online or in person help at a fixed price for each of the additional services
• Home visiting: go with the customer or on their behalf to visit accommodations. Make sure to take pictures, record a video or to have a video call with the customer during the visit. You decide the area in your city that you can cover for the home visiting, and the price for each visit.
• School for kids: guide the customer online to find the perfect school for their kids and provide support through the enrolment process.
• After school activities: find after school activities for your customer kids such as sports, art, hobbies, music and school tutors.
• Text and phone assistance during 60 days: assist during the first 60 days from customer arrival date, between 9am and 9pm with any queries that the customer might have about the city.  
• and more that you will be able to offer trough your profile.

Applying, registering and offering your Relocation Buddy services is totally free, and you decide how much you want to earn for your services. We will provide you with a min/max pre-set range for the Basic Online Pack, based on the country you are covering to ensure it is attractive for you and for the Customer to book your services.

Every time a booking is completed, we will charge the Customer a service fee on top of your service price between 5% and 30%. We always guarantee your earnings and every promotion will be taken from our service fee.

This commission goes toward the maintenance of TailorGo website, our quality control department, the payments management, our Customer services and the marketing activities to promote you and your services.

You should follow these 4 steps:

1. Accept Booking Request: you will have 48h to accept the booking request. If we don’t receive an answer in that time we will consider the request declined.

2. Organize an Intro call: collect the information you need to organize the relocation (arrival date, accommodation preferences, budget, special needs, etc.). Ask during the call for the 'intro call code' and send it to At this point, the Traveler still has 24 hours to cancel the request, we will notify you once you can start preparing the relocation.

3. Prepare Relocation: send accommodation proposals, organize visits, explain bank opening processes, provide comprehensive local paperwork information, etc. Remember to interact frequently with the Customer to be sure to meet their expectations.

4. Complete Relocation services: all services should be finalized max. 10-15 days after the Customer moves to the city.

TailorGo withholds the payment until the services are successfully completed.

Once the Relocation services are completed, ask the Customer for the ‘relocation code’ and send us the code. You will receive the money for your services directly in your bank account within a few days, and we will ask the Traveler to review your work.

The reputation, quality and professionalism of our Buddies community is everything for us, and it is our strong added value. We review the community regularly based on the Customers feedback and reviews to guarantee the high quality of the services offered.

Our Buddies are very professional people, they answer Customers requests quickly, only decline booking requests if absolutely necessary, are available for intro calls and deliver the services with high quality and on time.

In case a Buddy does not meet these requirements or we see an unprofessional behaviour, TailorGo has the right to block a Buddy's services and exclude the Buddy from the community, forever or temporally until the root cause has been resolved.

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